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Let's get to know each other

We founded Ili Suites in 2008, we were then a young couple a month before getting married.

We really liked hosting, so we decided to start a business   which is based on hosting and providing personal service to people.

The division of labor between us is clear - Hagit is the "moving head" and Shmulik is the "hands and heart".

Within us there is the constant need to change, add, renew, diversify, create, upgrade and give a feeling of home.

To design the suites we traveled all over the country   to give a special and unique touch and give a homey feeling.


The suite is divided into two levels - on the entrance level there is an original and beautiful island kitchen

With a dining area and a sitting niche on the windowsill facing the garden and the pool. Another level, slightly elevated, houses an inviting bed in front of a TV screen hanging from the ceiling and a double Jacuzzi sunk into the wooden floor.​

In a reality where everyone wants their own pool, we found pampering and aesthetic solutions,  next to each cabin we placed a heated paddling pool at a temperature of about 40 for the cool winter days. And on the warm summer days you are invited for a light swim in our pool,
which is built like a stream that runs between the three suites and divides the pool into 3 individual parts

So the result is a beautiful circular pool around which the suites are built.  From each suite balcony there is a descent to the water.

In the pool of each suite there is a private sitting area and there is a separation between all three with a beautiful fence and vegetation.

In the center of the pool you will find a small green island that gives the feeling of a tropical jungle, ​

Ili Suites - treat yourselves...

Yours, Hagit and Shmolik

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